Liberia: Where Life is Beautiful

Those who have travelled to Liberia know that there is just something about it that instantly makes you feel at home.

Popularly know as Africa's first Republic founded in 1847 by freed American slaves, and home to 16 indigenous tribes, LIB as it's lovingly called, is truly a pristine, cultural paradise.

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Experience 10 days of art, culture and wellness in Liberia

$995 per person (for groups 10+)

Libassa Ecolodge

For the majority of the stay you will be accommodated at Libassa Ecolodge in Marshall. This ecotourism resort is situated in a stunning location between a lagoon and the Atlantic Ocean. “Libassa” is a family owned business. The founders built the lodge, which is made up of hand built double cottages, over the years, working with the local community who they trained with skills in carpentry and hospitality. You can either enjoy the natural surroundings around the palm-fringed beaches or be on the lookout for some of the exotic birds and other wildlife known to frequent the area

Yoga and Meditation

While at Libassa we will enjoy a full day yoga and meditation retreat. Take this time to get exposed to the Liberian yogi culture where we will engage in vinyassa yoga and different meditation practices to the sounds of the ocean.

Experience Culture

We will journey over to Grand Bassa County, Liberia, also known as “the birthplace of the nation’s hospitality”. Here, we will embark on a traditional African experience like no other. We will spend the day at the Elizabeth Resort & Traditional Village and be exposed to the daily life of the Bassa people through their traditional lifestyle practices. Learn how they cook their food, family roles, how they entertain themselves, and so much more. During the visit we will travel by canoe to Edina, Liberia’s oldest freed American slave settlement. Gain the chance to tour the ruins of the colonial style homes of the 1800’s and learn the powerful history of these resilient people

Traditional Art And Healing

For this experience we will head over to Bong County, Liberia. Upon entry we will go to a magical little place known as Shabuta. Home of Mama & Baba Shabu, two Pan African elders who specialize in traditional art. Get a hands on experience from the Shabus as they open your eyes to various art symbols and painting techniques from ancient times. Later we will travel to Kpatawee. Covered by a lush canopy, this tumbling waterfall and large natural swimming pool offer a great way to relax and enjoy Liberia’s natural wonders. Historically known as a sacred place where ancient people would go for good luck and blessings this is the perfect backdrop for learning more about traditional Liberian culture. Go on a nature walk and enjoy traditional healing practices though herbal remedies.

A Night in Robertsport

We will venture over to Robertsport in Grand Cape Mount County. A 2-3 hour drive from Marshall where some of the most beautiful remote beaches with some of the best waves are found. This little town is frequented by surfers from all over the world, and is also perfect for hiking, fishing and camping. Take surf lessons from locals and participate in artisanal fishing, a traditional way of deep sea fishing by locally made canoes. We will spend the night at Nana’s Lodge and have a beach bonfire BBQ to the sounds of a live musical performance by local reggae artists.